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Use AI to Drive Revenue and Save Costs

Our data scientists and engineers have decades of hands-on experience at top firms. Our clients see results in months, not years. See what a nimble, innovative company can do.

Let Data Create your Permanent Competitive Advantage

Your data contains the true tale of your business and also predicts its future trends. By unlocking the treasure trove it contains, you can ensure your business moves ahead of future movements and leaves no inefficiencies eating away at the bottom line or blocking future growth.

Practice Areas

Personalized Marketing

Volumes of publicly available information from property, census and other records can build a rich profile to inform how businesses should best reach their customers. Merging client’s existing customer data with new sources, the CRD team can unlock new insights hidden in your data. And using this, we develop a direct marketing strategy + a pilot to test its effectiveness and refine it based on real world results.


CRD is a certified Gurobi service partner, and has helped clients with a variety of mixed integer, quadratic and linear programming optimization solutions. The team can help you structure complex mathematical and business problems by coalescing them into a formal design document, and then building the modeling solution. Furthermore, CRD can develop a launch strategy and pilot plan to test the model solution in-market.

Fraud Detection

CRD has built an LLM to process insurance claims and identify areas which do not adhere to policy documents on which it has been trained. Interestingly enough, the LLM is able to detect examples of content manipulation that would be difficult for main human reviewers to flag, and surface these up to the claims task force for review. We also have experience delivering more traditional outlier and anomaly detection via other ML methods and statistical approaches.


Terabytes of geographic data is available through government and private sector sources, and joining and parsing these different assets is a core strong suite for CRD. Geo analysis tools are a good way to help management and AI make hyper-localized decisions as well as ask questions on a massive scale, e.g. across the city, state, county, nation.

Image Recognition

CRD has worked on computer vision projects to identify complex attributes in claims that deserve a second look, as well as more traditional OCR pipelines to extract key fields and detect objects. Explore the insights hidden in your image data with our help.

Natural Language Processing

Many of CRD’s founding team members worked on Google Search, and the synthesis of natural language into insights is a forte of ours.

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Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

If you have a special data project that deserves an expert opinion, or would like to discuss an idea or problem with our team, reach out on our Get Started page.

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