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Core Competencies

Accelerated Cloud Adoption

Leverage cloud computing to process more data faster and relieve bottlenecks caused by legacy systems. CRD teams work with all three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure & GCS), but we typically recommend Google Cloud.

Efficient Delivery through Apprenticeship

Upskill your team by nominating them to work with CRD on a special project. We take a friendly and collaborative approach, sharing in the best practices which we acquired through careers in consulting and technology firms. Through apprenticeship, all can learn.

Agility in Deployment

We take a fit-for-purpose approach to developing new components in a client’s existing tech stack, augmenting or building anew. Whether a client needs engineering, statistical, visualization, ML or other DS work, we'll use the right tools for each unique problem.

Specialized Expertise, On-Demand

Our early clients told us that they struggled to find the right data science and engineering talent before meeting CRD. We have the ability to attract top talent from across the industry, deploy them efficiently in our delivery model, and scale up or down based on our client needs.

Our Delivery Model

CRD pairs the most talented engineers with a world-class kit of technology and project delivery tools. We help our clients solve critical business problems, focusing on long-term impact through experimentation and the introduction of more data-driven decisions.

We came from the working levels of the data science industry, growing up the ranks of Software Engineering titles in the Tech hierarchy, and in Consulting, from entry-level to managing large

teams. We seek to create a community where seasoned data professionals can apply their skills while continuing to be challenged and growing, all while sharing in the resources and quality standards of the Charles River Data umbrella. See more on our principles at our Medium blog.

Our Technology Stack

Apache Airflow Logo
Google BigQuery Logo
DBT Labs Logo
Looker Logo
Python Logo
Postgres SQL Logo

Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

If you have a special data project that deserves an expert opinion, or would like to discuss an idea or problem with our team, reach out on our Get Started page.

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